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About Us

The founder was born in Brazil and moved to the US in the early 1990s. Cleide  Faria and  Adriana Cecilio became partners in the US and founded  a property management company that offered services including remodeling and design of properties. After many years in the service industry, their desire and interest for interior design developed, and they started buying properties to rent. They purchased a few properties in major beach locations in Rio De Janeiro,Miami and San Francisco which they remodeled and designed themselves

They love to travel, which is how they became very observant of the minimum details about the vacation rental industry. Cleide, in particular, loves to decorate properties; she gives 100% of her imagination and inspiration when it comes the time to renovate the homes. Cleide became such an expert in transforming properties into first-class pieces of real state.

Through a network of friends, Cleide unintentionally raised a demand for management of vacation rental units. Within a period of 2 years, Cleide gathered a significant number of properties (close friends – owners) to manage. Acknowledging the potential for a growing demand, Cleide decided to invite others than only her closest friends to engage in this venture with her. She started her own vacation rental site in the summer of 2012, to better serve her current clientele and the future newcomers.

A to Z Vacation Rental is now ready to invite vacation rental proprietors to enjoy the excellence that A to Z has to offer and experience a significant income increase from your rentals. A to Z is currently inviting proprietors that are present in San Francisco CA, Miami Fl, and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to feature their properties in our site.